Trans James

deadline for submissions: 
March 1, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Henry James Society

Henry James scholarship has hesitated to engage with the challenges and opportunities presented by the rich and proliferating constellation of thought that is Trans Studies. How might the question of transgender revise, reinvigorate or transform our understanding of James’s writing, and / or of James as a biographical subject?

We welcome proposals addressing any aspect of the topic. Possible approaches might include:

-          Transgender subjects in James’s fictional worlds and nonfiction texts

-          Transgender and subjectless queer critique

-          Sex, gender, and narration

-          Transgender and sexuality

-          Transgender and sibling relationships

-          Transgender parents, transgender children

-          Feminist James / Queer James / Trans James ?

-          Transgender and the question of style

-          Transgender and transnationality / expatriatism / cosmopolitanism

-          Recognising / theorising transgender in James’s life and work


Please send 300-word abstracts to and by March 1.