New Writing Journal seeks articles, creative work, articles on pedagogy, genre and more

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May 1, 2022
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New Writing journal (Routledge/Taylor and Francis)
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New Writing: the International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing (Routledge) seeks high quality articles, as well as creative work.

Articles submitted might focus on:

• Creative Writing in universities and colleges
• pedagogy, practice or research topics
• the processes of creative writers, their drafts and completed works
• the history of particular writing forms
• analysis of particular creative works

The New Writing journal (founded in 2003) provides a widely recognized international forum and an opportunity, through worldwide distribution, to reach engaged audiences in Creative Writing Studies, Creative Writing teaching, Creative Writing practice and Creative Writing research.

Published in paper as well as electronically, New Writing has an active interest in recognition of its authors through formal citation that supports creative writers and Creative Writing Studies scholars who work and study in universities and colleges. It also achieves this through conferences, global video-linked symposia, special journal highlights, literary events (including the annual New Writing International Creative Writing presentation), and through the global publication and creative services of Taylor & Francis. (It is not necessary to work or study in a university or college to submit to the journal - simply, those who do are often strongly encouraged by their institutions to publish in peer-reviewed, widely cited journals).

Other topics are also encouraged. Similarly, though the journal has general guidelines on length of submission, exceptions are entirely possible.

Seeking articles for Volume 20 (2023) - 4 issues per year reaching a wide range of readers in a great number of places. Over 33,000 downloads a year, across the globe.

The New Writing Board is international and includes Andrew Motion (UK), Paul Muldoon (USA), Jon Cook (UK), Nessa O'Mahony (Ireland), Katharine Coles (USA), Mike Theune (USA), Stephanie Vanderslice (USA), Jeri Kroll (Australia), Dan Disney (Korea) and Robert Pinsky (USA), among others.

All submissions are peer reviewed. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Graeme Harper, Dean of The Honors College at Oakland University, Michigan.