The Politics of Syria

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April 20, 2021
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Call for Papers (Spring Issue 2021) The image of Syria as a war-torn country has always dominated global news cycles. On one hand, news outlets discuss how the international powers serve their own economic and political interests by implementing the Middle East Grand Strategy revolving around ‘ Creative Chaos’ policies. In short, waging a proxy war on Syria’s political and economic system, destroying culture and infrastructure, affecting civilians, violating human rights principles under the pretext of democracy and protection of human rights, with the aim to reshape Middle East politics. In this context, such news cycles persistently distort President Assad's counterstrategy. On the other hand, the media’s coverage of the civilians’ struggle to survive daily has garnered sympathy from people around the world.In this edition, we seek scholarly and opinionated papers that explore topics, discourses, motifs, interests, or perspectives that go beyond the image of Syria as a conflict zone, or the country which is the product of a conflict zone. This edition is looking for scholarly and critical interventions that write back to such limited and binary representations of Syria. The issue aims to incentivize Syria in a positive light, focussing on the contributions of Syria (politically, economically, literarily, historically, and socially) in the world order. Our aim is to engage in such current scholarly conversations that pushback, complicate, and uncomplicate our monolithic and true Substantive Due Process issues allowing the states' power to regulate certain visions of Syria. Siasat-al-Insaf is a quarterly periodical published by The Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at O.P. Jindal Global University, India and we invite articles that engage in political, geographical, cultural, literary, and social conversations about the contemporary Middle East. At the moment the editorial team is accepting three categories of submission: 1) Scholarly Perspectives (3000-4500 words)- Research papers that engage with academic scholarship pertaining to Syria are considered in this section.2) Critical Perspectives (1000-1500 words)-A focussed opinion piece that does not summarize, rather critically engages with a pressing conversation about Syria.3) Reviews (800-1200 words)- A book review or a film review of contemporary nature ( within the past ten years) feature in this section. Articles should be written in APA style 7th edition and they should be sent to with the category of submission mentioned in the subject line. The deadline for submission is April 20, 2021. Submissions should be accompanied by: a) An abstract for 100-150 words about the piece.b) Name, email address, and a short bio of 150-200 words for future correspondence with the author.c) Five to six keywords that describe your piece. For any queries about submissions email the editorial team at