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March 31, 2021
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Comparative Media Arts Journal
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Issue Ten: Enchantment, Disenchantment, ReenchantmentRethinking practices of interconnection in a century of crisis

Since Max Weber described the state of the world as disenchanted in 1919, twentieth century critics from the Frankfurt School to the Postmodern philosophers shared the opinion that modern acceleration brings human suffering. Contemporary scholarship (Foster 2015; Berardi 2017; Steryerl 2017) periodizes our current century as one of crisis, evermore evidenced by the ongoing systemic violence against BIPOC; the Covid-19 viral pandemic; Western neo-fascisms; migratory emergencies; and a willful ignorance among governments and corporations of the sure peril of our climate. Our present culture of emergency indicates the long-term effects of disenchantment have intensified. Careful not to position enchanted cosmologies against disenchanted materialisms, this call for work turns to the fine arts to ask if the world is disenchanted, how may we propel the human out of isolated primacy? Developing a definition of contemporary enchantment that highlights human participation among the cosmos as opposed to an isolated observer (Jane Bennett 2001, 2010; Barad 2007; Puig de la Bellacasa 2015), this issue welcomes case-studies of artworks, documentation of completed artworks, experimental writing, and scholarly inquiry that explores practices of care, philosophies of interconnection, entanglement, or subject/object assemblages through art.

We Invite contributions including:

  • Scholarly Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Exhibition Reviews or Performance Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Sound investigations with written documentation
  • Field notes and creative investigations
  • Documentation of completed artist projects or works in progress

Submission Requirements

  • Text submissions should be 500-5000 words
  • Please submit your manuscript only in MS-Word (*.doc or *.docx) format
  • Please submit your contribution with an abstract (~200 words) and bio (~150 words)
  • Please use Chicago-style in-text citations (author YEAR, page) with endnotes (not footnotes) for any additional exposition
  • Please submit your image files (if any) in .jpg format, 300dpi. Please note that image rights are the responsibility of the author/artist to secure.
  • Please email your submission to cma_journal@sfu.ca with the subject heading ‘Attn: Issue 10’
  • Submission Deadline: March 31, 2021