East-West Cultural Passage, Special Issue: New York City between Change and Changelessness: Representations and Perceptions of the City in Literature and Culture. December 2021

deadline for submissions: 
September 15, 2021
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Ana-Karina Schneider / Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Special Issue: New York City between Change and Changelessness: Representations and Perceptions of the City in Literature and Culture. December 2021


Deadline: 15 September 2021


New York City has always held a special place in the country’s national imagination. A modern embodiment of the financial power of the United States, and a target of 9/11 terrorism, the city has always been perceived as the heart of the USA. Regarded as the American city par excellence as well as the most un-American place in the country, given its numerous immigrant population, New York City has remained a city of contrasts. Multimillion-dollar housing projects rise in a city where the poverty of Harlem prompted mayor Bill de Blasio to characterize New York City as a ‘tale of two cities.’ Migrants from all over the world share the city with Americans whose ancestors may have inhabited the White Plains which played an important role in the American Revolution.

The city’s specific ethos, influenced by a cosmopolitan mixture of cultures and subcultures, of ethnicities and races, its fresh embrace of difference, its vitality and exuberance, its constantly shifting cityscapes have continued to fascinate artists who have rejoiced and felt nourished by its vibrant art scene. Little wonder that an ever-growing population of artists from abroad has found its home in New York City, a phenomenon which may have contributed to the perception that everybody is an artist in the metropolis of skyscrapers.

This special issue of East-West Cultural Passage intends to interrogate the thesis put forward by many a critic, namely that there is such a thing as ‘New York writing’ and a New Yorker identity which is rooted in mutability. We also aim to investigate the ways in which 9/11 has affected the city, and the manner in which these changes have been reflected in literature and culture. More broadly, our intention is to shed light on how the city emerges in fiction and what the city has to say about American literature, culture and civilization at large.

East-West Cultural Passage invites papers on:

  • New York City between mutability and stasis in literature
  • Race, ethnicity, and diversity in New York City
  • New York City in film, music, and art
  • The cultures and subcultures of New York City
  • The urban semiotics of New York
  • Cityscapes of New York 
  • New York City as a space of writing / performance
  • Becoming a New Yorker
  • National/transnational/global approaches to the city


Articles will be subject to a blind peer reviewing process and must not be under consideration for any other publications. Please refer to the author submission guidelines on the East-West Cultural Passage website hosted by SCIENDO at https://content.sciendo.com/view/journals/ewcp/ewcp-overview.xml?languag....


Submission guidelines: The first page of the manuscript should carry the title, author’s name, institutional affiliation, a 200-word abstract, and ten key words/ concepts. The article/ piece must be accompanied by a 200-word biographical note and must conform to MLA referencing (7th Edition). Please see further information and instructions on the journal’s guidelines at: http://site.magazines.ulbsibiu.ro/ewcp/.


The word limit for scholarly articles is 8500 words.

The word limit for creative pieces is 3000 words.

The word limit for reviews is 1000 words.


Please email enquiries and submissions marked “New York City between Change and Changelessness. Representations and Perceptions of the City in Literature and Culture” to Dr Alexandra Mitrea at alexandra.mitrea@ulbsibiu.ro and copied to Dr Anca Iancu at anca.iancu@ulbsibiu.ro, before the closing date.