Edited Collection on Adventure Time

deadline for submissions: 
May 30, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Ann-Gee Lee/University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
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Edited Collection on Adventure Time 


According to the AV Club, “over six seasons and 186 episodes (and counting), [Adventure Time has] blossomed into one of the most distinctive cartoons currently on the air.” With young male hero, Finn, and his dog, Jake, whose shapeshifting body gets them out of trouble and a colorful world of adorable characters and creatures, the stories appeal to children of all ages. Additionally, the political undertones make it very attractive to scholars and fans. 

This CFP requests papers applying theoretical concepts to different issues that have risen in the show:

-the absurd, the imagination

-bullying, intimidation, and torture

-civic discourse: fighting injustice, doing the right thing 

-characterization, personality, and psychology

-class differences and/or feudal life


-ethics and morality 



-humor and pranks

-queering life

-religion and spirituality

-representations of race and/or implications of racial difference

-rhetoric and persuasion

-roles, friendships, and relationships

-what makes a ‘family’

-And many more


These abstracts will be compiled into a book proposal to a popular-culture publisher. 

Please send abstracts of 250-500 words to adventuretimecollection@gmail.com 

For any questions, feel free to contact us  

Dr. Ann-Gee Lee, English Department, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith ann-gee.lee@uafs.edu

Dr. Nicki Stancil, Department of Communication and Theatre Arts, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith Nicki.Reamer@uafs.edu  

Deadline: May 30, 2021