Editing Outside the Walls

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March 20, 2021
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Association for Documentary Editing
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Association for Documentary Editing

Call for Papers: Editing Outside the Walls

Modern Language Association Convention

6 - 9 January 2022

Washington, D.C


DEADLINE: 20 March 2021


Scholarly editing has grown in scope and diversified into many fields of practice in recent years, including numerous intellectual projects in a variety of settings outside the traditional domains of documentary editing. These digital humanities projects and other publications have changed the scope and context of editorial practices, sometimes without access to established models and best practices in the field of documentary editing. Such projects range from those repurposing already-edited materials to those doing editorial work on previously unedited materials. We are interested in discussions of how documentary editing can assist in the rigorous presentation of textual materials across a broad range of projects.


At the same time, this seismic shift in terrains is altering the field of documentary editing itself. This panel examines how documentary/scholarly editing interacts with and overlaps with other disciplines and roles—particularly in projects for which the preparation of documents may only play one part among many.


The Association for Documentary Editing invites proposals from





Digital Humanists

Documentary Editors



Independent Scholars




Literary Scholars

Museums and other Cultural Institutions

Providers of texts in variable Accessible and Alternative Formats

Public Historians

Publishers in Print and Online

Special Collections


Web Designers


DEADLINE: 20 March 2021. Please send your one-page abstract, two-page CV with full contact information to Carol DeBoer-Langworthy (CDBL@Brown.edu, ADE's Liaison to MLA). Inquiries to Carol or to Niklaus Wasmoen (nlwasmoe@buffalo.edu).