CFP: Journals in Collaboration (MLA 2022; 1/6–1/9/22; DEADLINE 3/23/21)

deadline for submissions: 
March 23, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Janine Utell / Council of Editors of Learned Journals
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Journals in Collaboration 

Call for papers for a proposed non-guaranteed session sponsored by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals to be held (if accepted) at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention, Jan. 6-9, 2022, in Washington D.C.

Journal editors and writers sometimes seem to labor in isolation. Authors might spend time alone in archives, and the work of writing can feel solitary. Journal editors may work with editorial boards and advisory committees, but may be seeking other contexts for conversation and collaboration. Even the disciplinary or period-based boundaries that define many journals, or the standard practices of peer review, can stymie the best efforts of authors and editors at collaboration.


This session will share ideas that encourage collaboration among authors and journal editors. Abstracts are encouraged which explore the work of 


  • co-edited issues 

  • interdisciplinary partnerships

  • editorial collectives

  • forms and strategies that foster co-authorship

  • collaboration between journals

The organizers would like to hear from those who have pursued successful collaborations—what worked?—as well as from those who have tried and run up against challenges—what didn’t? Prospective participants might also consider the following questions:

  • What might be fruitful strategies for journal editors to work together on editorial practices, growing the reach of their journals, connecting across disciplines?

  • How can journal editors foster collaboration and partnerships for authors, especially across disciplinary boundaries?

  • How might the journal editor be seen as a collaborator in the research and writing process?

  • How can authors and journal editors collaborate to advocate for institutional support for interdisciplinary work and innovative forms of journal publishing, including in the realm of promotion and tenure?

  • What are the implications of such collaborations as those imagined here for diversity, equity, inclusivity, and access?  

  • What are the barriers to collaboration, and what might be some creative ways to overcome them?

Please send 250-word abstracts and biographical note to Janine Utell ( and Debra Rae Cohen ( by March 23, 2021.

Please note: this is a proposed, not a guaranteed, session at MLA 2022. It is contingent on approval by the MLA Program Committee. All prospective presenters must be current MLA members by April 1, 2021.