Building Racial Equity In and Across Motherhood

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May 1, 2021
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Int'l Assoc. of Maternal Action and Scholarship
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CfP 2021 IAMAS Conference: Building Racial Equity In and Across Motherhood   

 Location: ONLINE

 Dates: Sept 24-26, 2021   

 The IAMAS 2021 conference is a three-day, interactive event. This year’s conference theme will examine the ways race and ethnicity impact motherhood, mothering practices, motherhood research/scholarship, and activism about and by mothers. We intend to examine aspects of race that prevent more mothers from thriving while giving ample room to celebrate growth, community, and positivity. 

Any research, analysis, art, and/or thought leadership that centers maternal research, matricentric feminism, or motherhood will be considered, but we encourage participants to examine practices and theory that connects to race-based oppression, racial solidarity and allyship, and potential avenues for innovative growth and sustainable community building. Some possible topics include, but are not limited to: 

 Access to maternal health and maternal health disparities across races.

  • Government policies that have hindered or supported growth.
  • Immigration, migration, and diasporas.
  • Anti-racism parenting, mothering, policing, family, and community dynamics.
  • Resource gaps in various forms and arenas..
  • Media, literary, and cultural representations of mothers of color. 
  • Issues regarding identity (including as a mother, daughter, romantic partner, and worker).
  • The maternal wage gap and leaky pipelines.
  • Universal basic income.
  • Political organizing within and across mothering communities.
  • Mothering children of a different racials identification than one’s one.
  • Intersections of race and religion.
  • Coalition building and solidarity in and across mothering experiences, identities, positions, and practices. 


These topics will help us focus our attention on racial justice while simultaneously requiring that we interrogate how we have been mothered and possibly our own mothering, too. We encourage all attendees to engage with the questions: how does race impact your mothering practices, how can we address and reduce the negative impacts of race-based discrimination, and how can we work in more productive ways toward coalition building amongst those that experience race differently?

While racial equity will be the sole focus for the second day, IAMAS is devoted to furthering scholarship, activism, and practices of mothering and mothering across all disciplines. Thus, we also invite submissions from scholars, activists, and practitioners whose work centers motherhood in ways that extend beyond the analysis of race. 

A few notes to consider before submitting an abstract: 

  • Individual papers are welcome, but we encourage applicants to propose a three-person panel and/or roundtable discussions in order to encourage more focused and productive group conversation. 
  • We aim to make rich, bold conversation a key component of our time together. We encourage you to consider HOW you will present your information as well as what you will present. We encourage creativity, showcasing a new/successful method of online teaching, and avoiding reading for written work directly.

IAMAS is a 20+ year old organization that welcomes scholars of all disciplines, activists, lawyers, writers, artists, and maternal advocates. Our conferences offer the intellectual rigor expected from an academic conference, but we also recognize that knowledge can be accrued in different ways and encourage anyone engaged with maternal scholarship, thought leadership, and activism to join. 

In addition to panel talks, the conference will include: an amazing keynote address, ability to vote on next year’s conference theme, engaging task force engagement, access to our second MOMA award event, extensive opportunities to network and take part in meaningful mentoring, and time to discuss current events, books, and current and future writing projects. 

Please note that your IAMAS  membership must be up-to-date to register for the conference. Please contact Katie B. Garner, PhD if you have any questions: katiebgarner at iamas dot com, or go to:


Cost: 3-day conference costs are based on a sliding scale factoring in outside financial support and income. Register here today:

Abstracts are due MAY 1, 2021. Submit here: