London's East End: A Short Encyclopedia [Film, Television, Music, Theater]

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April 10, 2021
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A small number of entries for London's East End: A Short Encyclopedia (under contract, McFarland; ed. Kevin A. Morrison) remain unassigned in the "Film, Television, Music, Theater" category. A list appears below. Entries for this category should range from 50-350 words. Established scholars, early career researchers, and advanced graduate students—those who, in a US context, have passed their qualifying exams—are welcome. Interested individuals may contact the volume's managing editor to have the entry assigned to them and request a style guide. 

Annie Wobler (Wesker)

A13 (Raban)

The Bells go Down (Dearden)

Bespoke Overcoat (Clayton)

Blight (Smith)

Blinkeyes (Pearson)

Broken Blossoms (Brahm)

Hands of the Ripper (Sasdy)

Isle of Dogs (Jonson)

Made in Dagenham

The Siege of Sidney Street (Baker)

Song of Freedom

Sundial (Raban)

Twinkletoes (Brabin)

The Yellow Claw