New Deadline (October 15 2021) for issue 1, 2022 From the European South "Aftermaths"

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October 15, 2021
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Università di Padova, Italia

CFP – FES 10 (2022)

Aftermaths. Vulnerable Times, Vanishing Places, Toxic Erasures


In this issue of FES 10 we intend to sound the depths of our post-virus world. The virus has only worked viciously to amplify existing unequal relations of power, biopolitical exposedness and vulnerability, in particular for people of colour, women, refugees, prisoners and other marginalised voices. Regimes of toxic erasure and selective memories have not only worked to efface these pre-existing fault lines, but they have often inverted the narratives so that the victims become the perpetrators. Those contesting the ecocide of global warming, for example, are scripted as “eco-terrorists.” These regimes, in other words, are working to consolidate the very violent relations of power that are being contested by those at the receiving end of institutionalised state violence. This is perhaps nowhere more graphically manifest than in the now-global Black Lives Matter movement and the white racial panics (as exemplified by the US Capitol riot) of those that are desperately attempting to hold onto their racialised power, privilege and entitlements – all garnered thanks to histories of imperialism, colonialism and racial capitalism; these are histories that bind the EU and the UK with the settler colonial states that they birthed: the US, Australia, Canada and so on. The ‘new normal’ we are already facing is underscoring the evermore compelling need for change: The future is now, if it is to be at all. We say this as the unfolding global crises risk eliminating any sense of future at all if the status quo continues to remain in place.


We invite you to submit articles, reviews, interviews, creative interventions for this issue. We are interested in papers which critically tackle the following issues (but we are open to more):

-       climate change and its denial

-       the multifarious forms of waste and pollution, namely in their impact on human and more-than-human communities

-       different global manifestations of the Black Lives Matter movement

-       the disclosure of previously buried or normalised histories of empire, colonialism and slavery in the context of the current toppling of statues and monuments, and the attendant exposure of the role of so many Western museums as repositories of plunder and ongoing racial subjugation

-       local and global narratives of dispersal and displacement

-       creative interventions that articulate the courage of hope and actions for change.


Papers and interventions referring to the European/Global South are particularly endorsed.

Please see the focus and scope section of FES on our website: before submitting your work.

Send your proposals for articles, reviews, interviews or creative interventions to Marilena Parlati ( and Joseph Pugliese (


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Deadline for article submission: July 31st, 2021

Deadline for submitting final accepted articles: November 15th, 2021

Deadline for reviews, interviews, and creative interventions: November 15th, 2021