Edited Collection, Broadcasting Beyond Adaptation: Revisiting the Television and Literature Debate

deadline for submissions: 
April 25, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Paul Sheehan
contact email: 

The editors of a forthcoming collection on literature and television titled Broadcasting Beyond Adaptation: Revisiting the Television and Literature Debate invite abstract proposals for potential chapters on intersections of Māori/te reo television and literature. Aimed at Palgrave’s Adaptation Series, this essay collection argues for the re-examination of scholarly discourses surrounding televisual and literary histories of cultural legitimation. This collection sees the abandonment of the study of television and literature together and the elevation of “Prestige TV” over other genres as doing little to aid scholars and students in literary and language/culture disciplines studying television, the “art composed of many media” as Sarah Cardwell terms it. As such, we are seeking submissions on genres and styles of television that are underexamined in literary and television studies.

The editors have a loose working definition for “the literary,” and are interested in any variants on this theme, including linguistic, language-based and pedagogical examinations of television. To this purpose comics, TV Guides, graphic novels, poetry, myth and folklore and related ephemera are also considered “literature.” Similarly, “television” is an expansive artform that we see as encompassing most screen content including broadcast news, YouTube, online video and all streaming and broadcast genres.

A key interest for this collection is Sarah Ahmed’s notion of the politics of citation, as such first-nations and Māori scholars are especially encouraged to apply. We are particularly interested in emerging and mid-career scholars, but would welcome established scholars looking to publish on their area of expertise.

Submissions should be presented as abstract proposals of up to 350 words in length. Potential contributors are also asked to send along a short biographical note and brief letter of introduction to paul.sheehan@mq.edu.au by 25 April.