MMLA 2021: Countering the Culture in Contemporary Fiction

deadline for submissions: 
May 1, 2021
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Midwest Modern Language Association
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Marginalized groups may be contrary to the dominant culture within a society through their very own existence. In cultures where those who reinforce divisions may seek to ostracize the Other by portraying them in a negative light, counter-hegemonic representations of the marginalized can be revolutionary. This panel will examine how non-dominant cultures in contemporary literature are depicted in the context of the dominant. 


Central questions include:

  • What makes something (e.g. an action, a person's/group's identity) within a dominant culture subversive?

  • What are the benefits and repercussions of acting against the collective conscience?

  • How do the oppressed interact with their oppressors?

  • What role does the subaltern play within societies depicted in contemporary literature?

  • What roles do differences and similarities play in terms of collective cultures?

Please submit a 250-word abstract with a short biography and contact information to Janice Yim at by May 1, 2021.