Cities of Sound: Podcasting as Public Texts, Media, and Performances

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April 15, 2021
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Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA)
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PAMLA 2021- Las Vegas NV - November 11-15, 2021


This is a call for a VIRTUAL panel. Both in-person and virtual attendees are welcome. 

Cities of Sound: Podcasting as Public Texts, Media, and Performances

Since its early origins as audio-blogs and located in radio studies, podcasting has been shaped by the proliferation of digital performance, participatory media, and mobile electronic devices. These forces have created a medium uniquely associated with the performance of intimacy among both listeners and content creators. However, as the medium expands into commercial and noncommercial spaces, the contexts of this intimacy continue to shape and be shaped by the public spheres it operates in. This virtual (online) session explores podcasts and podcasting as virtual literary and performance publics. This session invites media, literary performance, sound, and cultural studies approaches to podcasting as public texts, media, and performances.

Submissions may address the following questions:

How do podcasts invite intimate relationships between text and audience?

How does the proliferation of headphones and mobile audio devices create material experiences of shared community within public and private spaces?

How do podcasters and listeners perform within this shared community?

How do these podcasts manifest literary or theatrical impulses?

This virtual panel will be delivered asynchronically via downloadable recordings, and then as an in-person/virtual roundtable talkback session. Each presentation will be available for download or streaming in MP3 form as an individual podcast episode to all conference attendees. Submissions may include traditional paper presentations, produced podcast documentaries, or practice as research. Panelists are encouraged to attend the hybrid in-person/virtual roundtable talkback session.

Applicants are asked to submit an abstract including title, format, and expected audio run-time.

Please submit through the PAMLA submission system by April 15: