Slow Thinking in the Maelstrom (Potential MSA 2021 roundtable)

deadline for submissions: 
April 5, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Amy Elkins, Macalester College; Aleksandr Prigozhin, University of Denver

This is a call for roundtable participants for a proposed roundtable at the Modernist Studies Association annual meeting in Chicago. Papers accepted into the roundtable are not guaranteed to be accepted into the conference.


The many rhythms of modernity have tended to be framed through speed and suddenness: shock, trauma, quick cuts, events, acceleration. We have been slower to attend to slow violence (Nixon) and slow death (Berlant). While we may be said to be catching up to slow print (Miller), slow universities (O’Neill), slow critique (Badley), slow causality (Choi and Leckie), and slow media (Rauch), the rhythms of research and writing clash again and again with those of the news, of the world in layered crisis, of performance reviews, of twitter; of manifold urgencies, in short. In this proposed roundtable, we are seeking contributors willing to offer fast talks about slow things, in the belief that slow eros, slow feminism, slow ecocriticism, slow materialism, among other varieties of slow thinking—ruminating, dwelling on, and sitting with—have something valuable to offer as a way of engaging frenetic times, not merely as an opposition or otherspace. 


We are looking for short abstracts of 150-200 words, for short position pieces (ideally 5 minutes), in order to leave as much room as possible for conversation.

Note that MSA participants can only present ONE paper at a panel or roundtable over the course of the conference. You can, however, give a panel/roundtable talk, participate in a seminar, and do a poster session.