Exploring Humanities Pedagogies: Conversations, Commonalities, and Connections. Free Virtual Conference: July 15, 2021

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May 15, 2021
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Humanities Pedagogy Collective
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Call for Proposals

Exploring Humanities Pedagogies: Conversations, Commonalities, and Connections.

Free Virtual Conference: July 15, 2021

Organized by the Humanities Pedagogy Collective


Conference Overview

Because humanities-based disciplines emphasize discussion, critical thinking, and ethical exploration, educators often design courses and experiences that exist at the very forefront of widely-acknowledged best practises in critical pedagogies (Karpenko and Dietz 2016). But, since such practises are almost inseparable from what makes humanities-based study so compelling, educators often struggle to characterize the pedagogies that define their own disciplines, what Shulman (2005) terms “signature” pedagogies. Instead, signature humanities pedagogies remain implicit, modelled to students but seldom explicitly articulated ......until now! Join the Humanities Pedagogy Collective in this unique and highly interactive virtual conference to


  • Excavate signature pedagogies found in different humanities disciplines
  • Identify core practices across humanities pedagogy
  • Develop terminology and criteria for assessing student learning
  • Collaborate with other humanities educators to create new resources
  • Feel empowered articulating the distinctive skills and values imparted through humanities education


Who You Are

  • A humanities educator (higher education, state-based humanities councils, K-12 etc.)
  • Someone who works closely with humanities educators (e.g., instructional development and design, teaching and course assistants, academic technology, libraries)
  • Someone who works on educational infrastructure that impacts humanities education (e.g., university/college/school administrators and leadership, non-profit sector)


Session Formats

Prospective facilitators may propose sessions of the following types: (All sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.)

  • Workshop: A highly interactive session where participants experiment, practice, create, and reflect.
  • Roundtable discussion: A facilitated group conversation on a specific theme or topic. 
  • Research Seminar: Facilitator(s) pre-circulate a reading to participants and then guide a discussion or activity at the conference based on the assigned reading.
  • Pedagogy Demonstration: Facilitators walk through a particular assignment or activity they have designed, highlighting the what, how, and why. Good opportunity to share the integration of a particular academic technology tool.
  • Lightning Talks: Short talks that focus on asking a big question or sharing a big idea. They should aim to stimulate, inspire, and spark conversation. You will be grouped into a longer session with other lightning talk speakers.
  • Collaborative Working Group:  (Additional time commitment after conference to be determined by participants): Opportunity to identify potential collaborators for a resource-development, writing, event, or programmatic project. 


Proposal Guidelines

  1. Log onto conference proposal portal here to submit your proposal. More detailed instructions can be found at the link.
  2. Submit proposals by 5pm Pacific on May 15, 2021. Please note that there is a limit of one proposal submission per person.