War and Writing Lecture series 2021

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May 5, 2021
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English Studies - UNISA
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************* Narratives, Identities, Nationalisms *************


The Department of English from the University of South Africa (UNISA) invites you to the first Research Seminar of the War and Writing lecture series taking place on


Wednesday 05 May 2021, from 2pm to 3pm South African time.



Dr Gerhard Genis, (University of Pretoria)

‘Fire your pen’: Indigenous South African war/conflict poems – poetic bodies flexing ‘muscular demonstrations’


War and conflict poetry by indigenous South Africans represents the embodiment of angry poetic bodies. These bodies are conduits of Fanonian ‘muscular demonstrations’. They embody black reaction and resistance to colonial oppression, and provide instances of black participation in world conflicts.

Poetic bodies carry traces of intergenerational memory construction (the Inner-Bodily), historical and socio-political contexts (the Outer-Bodily), and verbal and nonverbal poetic language usage (the Bodily). The three acts of meaning construction – Inner-Bodily, Outer-Bodily and Bodily – provide for a conceptual framework through which poetic bodies may be interpreted and reconstructed to conjure the war/conflict experiences of poetic commentators and soldiers.



The seminar will be held online, as a MSTeams meeting.

All are very welcome.


If you are interested in attending please use the link below.

When you join the meeting, please join with your microphone muted and camera off to begin with.



Should you have any questions or wish to present a paper please contact Dr Julie Pridmore at pridmjt@unisa.ac.za

Seminar Convenor and Programme Director: Narratives, Identities, Nationalisms, UNISA

War and Writing Lecture series 2021 Call for Papers


Nationalisms, Narratives and Identities


May-July 2021

Titles and Abstracts:  Please send your title and a short abstract (100 words or less) to Dr J Pridmore (pridmjt@unisa.ac.za) by 5 May 2021. 

The series will commence on Wednesday 5 May with an introductory lecture.

All lectures will be held on Wednesdays thereafter


We encourage papers on a wide variety of themes across a global context but especially on Africa/South Africa including the following fields:

Fictions, Literatures and Narratives

Historiographies and the Writing of Histories

The Creation of National Pasts

Oralities and Literacies including Praise Poetry

Identities, Ethnicities, Nationalisms, Internationalisms and Inter- Nationalisms