deadline for submissions: 
May 15, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Linda Pillière Aix-Marseille University

The editors of The Routledge Handbook of Intralingual Translation are seeking a few select original contributions to complete the handbook which is due for publication in 2023. The handbook seeks to offer new insights for translation studies by investigating a neglected topic in translation studies: intralingual translation. It aims to provide a complete overview of current international research on the topic, addressing both scholars and academics in the field.


Interested authors should send a 500-word abstract along with a biography and a list of their own publications to and by May 15th 2021. Authors will be notified whether their proposals have been accepted by May 25th 2021. First drafts of chapters are due by January 2022. Chapters will be approximately 7,500 words in length including references.


The handbook will provide a comprehensive survey of intralingual translation with chapters grouped into seven sections:


Part I Theoretical Approaches to Intralingual Translation

Part 2 Intralingual Translation from a Diachronic Perspective

Part 3 Intralingual Translation from a Dialectal Perspective

Part 4 Intralingual Translation from a Diaphasic Perspective

Part 5 Intralingual Translation from a Diamesic Perspective

Part 6 Intralingual Translation and Editing

Part 7 Intralingual Translation and Language Acquisition


The editors are especially, but not only, interested in contributions that focus on:


The relationship between interlingual and intralingual translation

The relationship between intralingual translation and adaptation

Intralingual translation and disciplinary boundaries

The place of intralingual translation in translation studies

Intralingual translation and the modernization of poetry and plays

Intralingual translation and geographical or social variants

Intralingual translation and the standardising of texts

Transediting and interpreting

Revising and retranslating by copyeditors


Authors should ensure that contributions do not focus on a narrow piece of research but address broader issues.