The Impact and Importance of Anniversaries in Shaping, Preserving and Affecting Collective Memory - Parapraxis (Issue 2)

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June 30, 2021
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The Parapraxis Project

Call for Entries: Parapraxis (Issue 2)


The Parapraxis Project is pleased to announce that the second issue of our magazine is going to be released soon. It will be a special edition on “The Impact and Importance of Anniversaries in Shaping, Preserving and Affecting Collective Memory”.

Anniversaries are an inevitable and significant part of life. Whether celebrated or not, they serve to exist as reminders of ‘something’ or ‘someone’, and every individual reacts to them in a unique and different manner. Anniversaries, therefore, are not merely lurking shadows and spectres of the past, but reflections and recollections of history that may very well be repeated in the future. While temporal by the way of celebrations, their existence is permanent, and permeates through every culture.

Anniversaries also form a fundamental fulcrum in the field of psychoanalysis, by way of the eponymous ‘anniversary reaction’. Mintz defined this reaction as “a time-specific psychological response arising on an anniversary of a psychologically significant experience, which the individual attempts to master through reliving rather than through remembering.” Freud himself signified the importance of anniversaries, especially of important past events, on the symptoms of patients. According to him, the anniversary remained trapped in the unconscious, never reflected or acted upon. 

We at Parapraxis are looking for submissions that transcend the boundaries of individual experiences. The intertwined importance of anniversaries and commemorations in the context of cultural heritage cannot be neglected. Simultaneously, the voices of ordinary lives and people must be brought to the forefront as well. We are looking for an eclectic mix of submissions that would ponder upon anniversaries as temporal synchronizations of society through the creation of pauses and interruptions in the routines and schedules of the daily lives of the collective subject, as well as those that analyse the effects of anniversaries on the collective memory.  

Possible topics may include, but are in no way limited to, the following:

●   The Symbiosis of Remembrance and Forgetfulness in Commemorating Trauma

●   Boredom in Refrain: The Cycle of Banal Anniversaries and The Erosion of Meaning

●   Incorrigible Men, Inevitable Wars and the Myth of Their Celebration in Literature and Media

●   Reception through, and of, Anniversaries

●   Marriage without Anniversaries

●   Postmemory and Reminiscence

●   Frankenstein’s Monster as a Migrant Worker Caught in Covid and Curfews (especially for fiction and photography)

We will be accepting works of both fiction and non-fiction, which include poems, short stories, plays, opinion pieces, commentaries, reviews, scholarly essays, and photographs. Word limit (excluding "References") for works of fiction is upto 700 words, and for works of non-fiction is upto 1500 words (for works of non-fiction, those wanting to extend the word limit may email us directly at the address provided below). Topic(s) chosen must be mentioned in the email containing the attachment. If one’s topic of choice is not from the above list, kindly provide us with a one-line title that aptly summarises it. Accepted document formats for written works are “.doc” and “.docx”. Image files (original photography and artwork) may be sent in most acceptable formats, as long as the clarity of the image remains intact (preferably ".jpeg", ".jpg"). Borrowed ideas or quotes must be mentioned in a “References” list at the end of the document, otherwise the entry would stand cancelled. We only accept submissions that have not been previously published elsewhere, including blogs and social media platforms. Number of entries is limited to two per person. We are also accepting jointly authored entries.


Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. 


Please send in your submissions to “”. The subject line should be "Parapraxis 2 Entry". 


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