Women in French Panel at SAMLA Conference (November 4-6, 2021)

deadline for submissions: 
June 30, 2021
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Women in French / South Atlantic Modern Language Association
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This panel is one of five Women in French sessions at the 2021 South Atlantic Modern Language Association annual conference, taking place this year in Atlanta, Georgia from November 4-6.


Presenters must be current members of Women in French and the South Atlantic Modern Language Association.


Revisioning Narrative (Identities) and Space


The current pandemic offers us the possibility of (re)viewing identity, disidentification, and, most importantly, new ways of articulating becoming. As we physically distance and redefine ourselves as well as our relationships with others, we discover new angles. Social distancing risks dislocation. It may, however, bring intimacy within ourselves as well as connection to others in new ways. We seek to explore how this plays out. No limits apply. These questions resonate through narrative (literary, film, etc.) and in our classrooms. We welcome examining identity, disidentity, or other positionings within and through everyday life and narrative in the broadest sense. Like our experience of time during the pandemic, such concepts expand, contract, in a continual (de)centering of text and existence. Perhaps this means the current actuality of a Zoomified world that ruptures our contact with the physical object, such as book and paper, as we engage with the keyboard and bright light of the screen.  How is the contemporary moment represented in text or classroom, past or present? We look forward to adding your voice to the discussion. By June 30, 2021 please send an abstract of 200-250 words to both E. Nicole Meyer nimeyer@augusta.edu and Kiki Kosnick kikikosnick@augustana.edu.


Co-Chairs: E. Nicole Meyer, Augusta University, <nimeyer@augusta.edu>, and Kiki Kosnick, Augustana College, <kikikosnick@augustana.edu>