1st Bhatter College International Conference on Recent Advances in English Studies

deadline for submissions: 
June 7, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
The PG Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan
contact email: 


BCIC 2021

1st Bhatter College International Conference on Recent Advances in English Studies

Organized by

The PG Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan 

In collaboration with

Central University of Hariyana

Yonphula Centenary College, Royal University of Bhutan 


Venue: Virtual

Online Platform: ZOOM

Conference Website: http://english.bhattercollege.ac.in/bcic2021


Key Features

Open Access

Double Blind Peer Review

Plagiarism Check

Systematic Archival and Preservation

Standard Publication


BCIC Scope

The BCIC is being launched as an annual event aiming at exploring the emerging areas in English Studies all over the world. The theme of the conference will change as per the academic and intellectual demand in the field and new areas will be explored. We will seek assignment of ISSN for the Conference as a regular serial event.


2021 BCIC Theme

One of the recent trends in the field of English Studies is to deconstruct the hegemonic status of the canonical English literature, that came in the English academia around the world as a colonial cultural baggage and to give space to the ‘new’/alternative kinds of literature, either written in English and/or available in English translation. This paradigmatic shift in recent decades quite consciously rejects the strict disciplinary divide between Science and Arts and Humanities, and focuses on accommodating and integrating different other disciplines/ branches of knowledge within the domain of English Studies. This interfusing of disciplines can broadly be called interdisciplinarity. Quite naturally, there has been a rise not only of different interdisciplinary fields like Green Studies, Digital Humanities, Film Studies, Partition Studies, Animal Studies, Vegan Studies, Food Studies, Game Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Migration Studies, Psychoanalysis and Trauma Studies, Memory Studies, and others; but there is also a conscious effort to make English discipline more inclusive, giving space for the marginal voices and disciplines like LGBT Studies, Ethnic Studies, Dalit Literature, Folklore Studies and so on. 

The conference proposes critical engagement with the recent advances in English Studies and to de/re-territorialize the fixed paradigm of English Studies in a global context. The Conference invites original, unpublished research articles and scholarly papers from teachers, professionals, research scholars, independent researchers and students studying at postgraduate level.


Thrust Areas

For 2021, the following thrust areas have been chosen:

Cultural Studies

Postcolonial Studies

Partition and Migration Studies

Literature in the India Subcontinent in English and English translation

Gender Studies

Environmental Studies

Indigenous Studies

Dalit Literature and Human Rights

Digital Humanities and Posthumanism

Literature and Film

Theatre and Performance Studies

Health Humanities

Media and Communication Studies

Psychoanalysis and Trauma Studies

Translation Studies

Field Survey and Documentation of Dalit and Tribal Cultural Texts 


Important Dates: 

Submission of abstract:                       

June 07, 2021

Notification of acceptance

June 17, 2021

Submission of draft Paper (1000 words):

June 24, 2021


June 24-30, 2021

Submission of full paper:

August 31, 2021

Conference dates:

July 03-04, 2021

Publication of proceedings:

November, 2021


Registration Fee: Rs 500 (India). Foreign: USD 30


Publication Fee: Selected Papers will be published in the form of a book with ISBN. Publication fee in edited volume with ISBN: Rs 1000. Foreign: 50 USD


Author’s Guidelines

Submit the abstract of your paper in about 200-300 words (Times New Roman, 12) with 5-6 Keywords. Use a separate attachment for this and do not include any personal data for double blind peer review,

Include your personal details (name, affiliation, address, phone number, email id) in the body of the email.

After the selection of your abstract, you are asked to submit a draft paper of 1000 words. Use the same email and do not use separate email.

Finally, after the conference you will have to submit full-length papers. Use the same email and do not use separate email.

Articles should be written in a MS Word file following the latest edition of MLA style

Word Limits for the full paper: 3000-4500 words

Authors’ bio-note of around 50-60 words should be added at the end of the draft/full paper.


Contact Info:

Send your submission to Thakurdas Jana, in charge of Communication and Academic Relations, at bcdic2021@gmail.com

All updates will be made available on the Departmental website at http://english.bhattercollege.ac.in/bcic2021 and on the Facebook Page of Bhatter College at https://www.facebook.com/bhattercollege