EJAS (European Journal of American Studies): Call for book reviews

deadline for submissions: 
June 1, 2022
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European Association for American Studies
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EJAS (European Journal of American Studies): Call for book reviews

EJAS (European Journal of American Studies) invites reviews of current books on topics relevant to American studies for publication in EJAS’ upcoming issues (vol. 16-17) due in 2021 and 2022.

Please send a review proposal (author, title, publisher, publishing date and place, number of pages), a two sentence summary of the book contents and CV (including the list of publications) to the book review editor, Dr. Kornelia Boczkowska (kornelia@amu.edu.pl). We accept proposals on a rolling basis.

Authors of accepted proposals will be expected to write a book review (1000-1500 words) and follow the MLA 8th edition style manual in preparing the manuscript.

EJAS is the official, peer-reviewed academic journal of the European Association for American Studies, a federation of 21 national and joint-national associations of specialists of the United States (<http://www.eaas.eu>) gathering approximately 4,000 scholars from 27 European countries.

Suggested Titles (other proposal are also welcome provided that book publications are in English and have been published during the current or the previous year):

Songbooks: The Literature of American Popular Music by Eric Weisbard (Duke University Press, 2021)

Archiving Mexican Masculinities in Diaspora by Nicole M. Guidotti-Hernández (Duke University Press, 2021)

Emancipation′s Daughters: Reimagining Black Femininity and the National Body by Riché Richardson (Duke University Press, 2021)

Borderwaters: Amid the Archipelagic States of America by Brian Russell Roberts (Duke University Press, 2021)

Right Here, Right Now: Life Stories from America's Death Row by Lynden Harris (Duke University Press, 2021)

Mapping Abundance for a Planetary Future: Kanaka Maoli and Critical Settler Cartographies in Hawai'i by Candace Fujikane (Duke University Press, 2021)

Experiments in Skin: Race and Beauty in the Shadows of Vietnam by Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu (Duke University Press, 2021)

Unseeing Empire: Photography, Representation, South Asian America by Bakirathi Mani (Duke University Press, 2021)

Antiblackness by Moon-Kie Jung, João H. Costa Vargas (Duke University Press, 2021)

Black Utopias: Speculative Life and the Music of Other Worlds by Jayna Brown (Duke University Press, 2021)

Resurrecting the First Great American Play: Imperial Politics and Colonial Ambitions in Frontier Detroit by Sämi Ludwig (Wisconsin University Press, 2021)

Political Thought and the Origins of the American Presidency, edited by Ben Lowe (University Press of Florida, 2021)

Gender in American Literature and Culture, edited by Jean Lutes, Jennifer Travis (Cambridge University Press, 2021)

The Cambridge History of American Poetry, edited by Alfred Bendixen and Stephen Burt  (Cambridge University Press, 2021)

The Mummy on Screen: Orientalism and Monstrosity in Horror Cinema by Basil Glynn (Bloomsbury, 2021)

Religion in Los Angeles: Religious Activism, Innovation, and Diversity in the Global City, edited by Richard Flory, Diane Winston (Routledge, 2021)

Digital Mapping and Indigenous America, edited by Janet Berry Hess (Routledge, 2021)

Liminal Whiteness in Early US Fiction by Hannah Lauren Murray (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

American Snobs: Transatlantic Novelists, Liberal Culture and the Genteel Tradition by Emily Coit (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

The Classical Tradition in Modern American Fiction by Tessa Roynon (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

The Republican Party and the War on Poverty: 1964–1981 by Mark Mclay (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

Yankee Yarns: Storytelling and the Invention of the National Body in Nineteenth-Century American Culture by Stefanie Schafer (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

African Americans and Africa: A New History by Nemata Amelia Ibitayo Blyden (Yale University Press, 2021)

Delia's Tears: Race, Science, and Photography in Nineteenth-Century America by Molly Rogers (Yale University Press, 2021)

Never-Ending War on Terror by Alex Lubin (University of California Press, 2021)

Boyle Heights: How a Los Angeles Neighborhood Became the Future of American Democracy by George J. Sánchez (University of California Press, 2021)

American Health Crisis: One Hundred Years of Panic, Planning, and Politics by Martin Halliwell (University of California Press, 2021)

America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960s by Elizabeth Hinton (Harvard University Press, 2021)

From a Taller Tower: The Rise of the American Mass Shooter by Seamus McGraw (University of Texas Press, 2021)

Brown Trans Figurations: Rethinking Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Chicanx/Latinx Studies by Francisco J. Galarte (University of Texas Press, 2021)

Buying Gay: How Physique Entrepreneurs Sparked a Movement by David K. Johnson (Columbia University Press, 2021)

International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train by Stéphane Tonnelat and William Kornblum (Columbia University Press, 2021)

Homeschooling the Right: How Conservative Education Activism Erodes the State by Heath Brown (Columbia University Press,  2021)

Conflicted American Landscapes by David E. Nye (MIT Press, 2021)

Picturesque Literature and the Transformation of the American Landscape, 1835-1874 by John Evelev (Oxford University Press, 2021)

Violentologies: Violence, Identity, and Ideology in Latina/o Literature by B. V. Olguín (Oxford University Press, 2021)