Entrelaces: DOSSIÊ ELENA FERRANTE MAI. - JUL. (2021)

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July 31, 2021
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Entrelaces - Revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Letras-UFC
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“Literature in his truly encyclopedic respect, displaceses the various kinds of knowledge, does not fix or fetishize any of them”: with this statement Roland Barthes affirmed the singularity of the literary fact and the specific relationship between literature and other disciplines. Provocative as it is, literature can at times both attract and irritates, soothe and disturb. Barthes’ claim can certainly apply to Elena Ferrante’s works. Her writing is in dialogue with traditional and contemporary texts, articulating practices and topics which are central not only to the literary universe, but also to philosophy, feminism, history, social sciences, and psychoanalysis. The relationship that Ferrante’s characters experience with their body, love, daughters, mothers, the city, dialect, violence, or with literature itself -- to name a few recurring themes -- has seduced countless readers in recent years, to the extent that we have come to talk about a “Ferrante Fever.” Starting from these premises, the Doctoral Program in Literature of the University of Ceará organized in 2018 a conference entitled “Elena Ferrante: margins, authorship and other chasms of fiction”, with the aim of analyzing the Ferrante phenomenon from a variety of perspectives. This special issue of Entrelaces intends to continue that discussion, and is open to contributions that offer interdisciplinary interpretations of Ferrante’s oeuvre.


Special issue editors: Stefania Porcelli (CUNY), Yuri Brunello (UFC), Amanda Moura (UFC), Emília Rafaelly Soares Silva (IFPI)


Guidelines: http://www.periodicos.ufc.br/entrelaces/about/submissions