Journal Articles for Special Issue: "Teaching Girlhood Studies"

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October 15, 2021
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Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Girlhood Studies, as an academic discipline, is still growing. Since some educational institutions do include girls’ studies as part of a special curriculum, an academic program, a certificate course, a minor, or as part of Women’s Studies or Gender Studies, Girlhood Studies does have a presence in academia although at this stage rarely in an autonomous department. This interest in the pedagogies and practices of teaching Girlhood Studies is an important aspect of its growth as a field of study at university level, at school, and outside of formal academic settings.

Depending on these formal and informal educational contexts, the discussion of approaches to teaching girlhood can range from theoretical ones to outlining hands-on projects that invite and promote the discussion of girlhood so, for this special issue, we invite articles that address the teaching of Girlhood Studies in various contexts. The key questions that inform this special issue build on those that informed the creation of this journal: “What is girlhood studies”? How do we do girlhood studies? What is the relationship between women’s studies and girlhood studies? What is the relationship between girlhood studies and boyhood and masculinity studies?” (Mitchell et al. 2008: ix). 

Contributors might like to explore the following questions:

• Why teach Girlhood Studies?

• Are there girlhood pedagogies?

• Are girlhood pedagogies also feminist pedagogies?

• Are we working with girls as equal participants in teaching and learning Girlhood Studies?

• What is the status of teaching Girlhood Studies and in which new directions should it go?

• How has the landscape of teaching Girlhood Studies changed?

• Who teaches Girlhood Studies?

• Who are students in Girlhood Studies courses? Whose voices are highlighted or whose are silenced? 


Articles may address teaching girlhood studies from various perspectives and academic disciplines including historical studies, literature, cultural studies, media studies, the study of juvenilia art, material and virtual culture (for example toys and games), girls and science, geographies of girlhood, education, and girl methodologies and methods, among others. Articles may present case studies or empirical research, may include or focus on artistic representations, or may be about theoretical or conceptual frameworks related to girlhood pedagogies. Teacher perspectives as well those of students are welcome. In addition to conventional articles, we will also consider creative contributions and material produced by (former or current) students of Girlhood Studies courses. We are especially interested in contributions on teaching Girlhood Studies by and about Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). 

Abstracts are due by 15 October 2021 and should be sent to

Full manuscripts are due by 15 March 2022. Authors should provide a cover page giving brief biographical details (up to 100 words), institutional affiliation(s) and full contact information, including an email address.

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