Care, Community, and Identity in Queer Cinema - NeMLA 2022

deadline for submissions: 
October 15, 2021
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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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Whether from health crisis, family isolation, or governmental-social prejudice, care has always been an invaluable resource in queer communities, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual. This care manifests not only in physical forms, such as providing food and medicine, shelter for queer homeless populations, and access to health care, but also in the ability to connect with new modes of family and to fight in the broader struggle for queer rights and liberation. However, this care can become disrupted due to biases present within the mainstream queer community, such against queer people of color, queer women and gender non-conforming people, and queer people with disabilities.

Queer cinema, while sometimes participating in these biases or overlooking of non-mainstream queer identities, can help to showcase new norms of care within the queer community and how all queer identities can become accepted through this new form of care. This roundtable is seeking submissions that look at queer cinema (which, for the purposes of this panel, includes television and digital media) that analyzes methods of care in the queer community and how they help (or do not help) queer people who have less privilege than other queer people. Of particular interest is queer cinema from outside America and queer cinema that focuses on queer people with disabilities. Possible examples include the work of Marlon Riggs, queer anime such as Bloom Into You or Given, and music videos by queer artists.

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