The City Unmapped and the Unmapped City

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September 30, 2021
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NEMLA 2022 Conference (roundtable session)
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In Song of the Shank, Jeff Allen explores his characters’ sense of “placelessness...empty retracted thoughts, half-told secrets.”  What defines a writer’s underlying map of “urban space?”  Urbanity as a focus offers history, but how do cities’ secret histories, deep ecologies, and furtive sounds offer a shape to urban narrative?  What memory resides in cities’ erased/lingering boundaries, vacant lots, and disintegrating concrete?  This roundtable explores how writers and other artists have utilized particular cities’ cores, edges, and points of transit as means to rethink the shape, shift, and stasis of urban space.  We welcome papers on the full range of literary forms, but also welcome examinations of visual and sonic expressions of urban experience.

 We are accepting abstracts through the NEMLA submissions portal <> .  Please submit an abstract by Thursday, September 30.  Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Michael Antonucci <> or Garin Cycholl <>.