NeMLA2022 Roundtable: Intertextual Wilde (Deadline Extended)

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October 15, 2021
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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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Whether he parodied, plagiarized, appropriated, translated, borrowed, or critiqued, Oscar Wilde’s work contains a web of references that vigorously engages with the voices of others. The way Wilde spoke with and through his sources may reveal not only his own influences and allegiances, but also aspects of larger conversations within late Victorian culture involving artistic production, Decadence, theater, journalism, scholarship, poverty, gender issues, sexuality, prison reform, and more.

This roundtable seeks out fresh perspectives and discoveries of Wilde’s intertextuality, influences, and conversations particularly among lesser-appreciated voices within his milieu and beyond. Wilde’s interactions with contemporary voices such as Whistler, Ruskin, Pater, Shaw, Beardsley, Whitman, Stevenson, Rossetti, and Ibsen might be considered as well as less-studied authors and artists such as Corelli, Schreiner, Nesbit, Robins, Reade, Gissing, Stenbock and many others. Roundtable participants may also consider ways Wilde has since been the subject of adaptations, appropriations, and forgeries, extending these conversations beyond the bounds of his own lifetime. Oscar Wilde remains a major figure of academic study and popular fascination who strove in his day to engage in challenging conversations and highlight important and often lesser-known voices through his editorship of Women’s World; this roundtable seeks to better understand and further engage in this project.

For this Roundtable presentation, 3-10 participants give brief, informal presentations (5-10 minutes) and the session is open to conversation and debate.

The conference will be held March 10-13, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Please submit an abstract of 250 to 300 words and a brief bio by Oct. 15 (Deadline Extended!), to the submission page:

If you have any questions, please contact session chair Sandra M. Leonard,