Penumbra Online Summer Call

deadline for submissions: 
June 29, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Penumbra Literary & Art Journal
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​Submissions are now open and close June 29, 2021

Or 400 Submissions (whichever comes first!)

Since 1989, CSU Stanislaus State’s Penumbra strives to be a champion for writers of all ages, levels, and backgrounds across the world. Student-run, this journal provides its staff with the unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience putting together both an online and print publication featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid, and art pieces. They are the ones who take on the challenge of curating and selecting the pieces to be featured while also determining the design.

​After focusing on the voices of the Black community last year, we at were not only reminded of the importance of inclusivity in the literary and art scene, but also of our own commitment as a publication to creating a space where artists from all communities feel welcome and eager to submit their work. The battle for a more socially just and conscious society isn’t one that is exclusive to those in any specific field or position. It is on all of us to ensure that we and our neighbors are able to live and express themselves in any way they see fit without the fear of being discriminated against. Penumbra and are committed to curating anti-racist and inclusive content for our readers. We especially welcome work by BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and all communities marginalized by systems of hate and oppression to submit to our publications! We want to highlight and celebrate your work!

For our Summer and Fall 2021 series, we are excited to announce that the theme is LOVE, with a focus on love for one’s self for the Summer 2021 issue of While love for others, places, and things are all popular forms of love often celebrated, personal love tends to be overlooked. Considering the struggles of the last year and the tremendous pressure that has been placed on individuals, both by society and ourselves, believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to focus on what it is that we love about ourselves. For this reason, we want to take the time to spotlight self-love in this summer’s edition. We encourage submitters to send us works that reflect their inner love for themselves. The works can be about the journey to finding personal love or acceptance, positive body image pieces, aspects of yourself that you love, or anything that represents personal love. We encourage you to celebrate the love you have for yourself and send us your best works! Please take special note of the guidelines below and follow them carefully. We will also be taking proposals for reviews of recent works for this edition of Take a look at our "Call For Reviews" page on our website for Review information. Those interested in submitting for our Summer 2021 Issue can find our Submittable page on our "How to Submit" page at


Submission Guidelines:

  • Each person can submit no more than a total of three submissions
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction: word count is 2000 words
  • Poetry: each piece must be no more than 500 words
  • Audio and video files cannot surpass 10 minutes 
  • Reviews: word count should be between 600 to 900 words and must be of recent works (within the last year). Review proposals are required, please send proposals or questions to and
  • Documents need to be submitted as Word Docs: NO PDF files will be accepted
  • Each piece must be in a separate submission to be considered
  • Titles must appear the same way in all parts of the submission to prevent confusion
  • Once accepted, submitters cannot withdraw their pieces
  • We require specific content warnings in submissions with triggering or difficult subjects
  • No images depicting bodily harm, including harm of animals; it can result in a ban from both Penumbra and
  • No racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, islamophobic, ableist content or language (etc.) Nothing that furthers hate or oppressive rhetoric and practices; submitting work containing these topics can result in a ban from both Penumbra and