Romance, Epic and Hagiography in Medieval Multi-Text Manuscripts, 2-4 December 2021

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August 15, 2021
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Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf
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Full CFP here: We warmly invite submissions for a workshop taking place in Düsseldorf 2-4 December 2021, hosted by Heinrich-Heine University. The multi-text manuscript was a key medium for disseminating popular narratives including romances and epic or hagiographical texts across the cultural and linguistic borders of late medieval Europe. The manuscripts that have survived from this period can therefore be read not only as windows into the literary, social and linguistic environment in which they were created, but also as cultural objects whose evolving contents shaped the adaptation and reception of the texts they contain. This workshop aims to bring together scholars working on cross-regional narratives and scholars working on medieval manuscript culture by asking how the format of the multi-text manuscript shaped the adaptation, circulation and reception of popular narratives across different European regions.We are seeking papers that address any of the following questions (though this is not a prescriptive nor an exhaustive list): • How does the multi-text manuscript as a medium shape the content and effect of the narratives these collections contain? • What practical concerns in terms of sourcing, choosing, translating, copying, arranging and cataloguing the texts in multi-text manuscripts have given rise to the collections that have survived to this day? • What does the overarching network of popular narratives arising out of different multi-text manuscripts reveal about regional manuscript creation and reception? • How do the collections of popular narratives contained multi-text manuscripts reflect the multilingual and multi-dialectal societies in which they were produced? • What can diachronic approaches to multi-text manuscripts, including an engagement with separable booklets, composite manuscripts forms and the concept of manuscripts running through different ‘life stages’ (see Johnston and van Dussen, 2015) reveal about the spirit in which these collection were read and circulated and about how they should be understood by current scholarship? • In what ways do the circulation and reception contexts fostered by multi-text manuscripts resonate with digital contexts for circulating and reading popular narrative texts and text collections? • How can an engagement with the practical and hermeneutic dynamics of the multi-text manuscript inform new approaches to digital and analogue editions of the texts they contain? To share and further develop collaborative methodological and theoretical approaches to these questions, we warmly invite submissions for 30-minute individual case studies, panels, or round table discussions. Because of the manuscript-focused nature of this event, source-led contributions are especially welcome. Please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words to before the submission deadline of SUNDAY 15th AUGUST 2021. This workshop is part of the DFG-funded project ‘ From Insular to European Romance: Bevis of Hampton in Multi-Text Manuscripts’ at the Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf. You can find out more about the project here: