Generosities of Ezra Pound: A Caretaker of Poetry and Culture

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September 29, 2021
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Jeff Grieneisen / Northeast Modern Langauge Association
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Abstracts due Sept. 29

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While Ezra Pound remains a controversial figure in literature, his contributions to the field are unmistakable. It is this controversy which makes it even more important that we continue to examine his role as a poet and literary critic who has shaped the direction of literature for over a century. Those who easily dismiss Pound overlook the great care that Pound demonstrated toward cultural preservation, a spirit of knowledge, and a generation of poets to whom he extended many generosities. As such, this panel seeks papers that address the theme of Ezra Pound and care—whether in the care that Pound exercised in preserving and recording historical and cultural practices of the past through poetry, the care he demonstrated toward younger (and sometimes older) poets by championing their works, or any other ways in which Pound’s work demonstrates care in interdependency, vulnerability, the environment, cultures, or identity. Papers might also explore the interdependency of Pound and other modernists, fellow imagists, and/or vorticists, or examine the way in which Pound’s poems demonstrate environmental and geographic concern.

This panel explores ways in which Ezra Pound exercised a degree of care as he instructed and published fellow poets, recorded, preserved, and resurrected cultures, and celebrated the lives of those he loved (such as Gaudier-Brzeska).