Call for Papers, Vol 63, No 2: ELL Outreach and Teaching Strategies

deadline for submissions: 
September 1, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Wisconsin English Journal

Call for Papers, Vol 63, No 2: ELL Outreach and Teaching Strategies

Students have diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, so to create an inclusive learning environment, faculty should adopt English Language Learner (ELL) outreach and teaching strategies. In general, one’s English literacy skills depend on one’s level of acculturation—those who are well integrated with American society will be less anxious and better able to function in the English language classroom. ELL student success also depends on regular practice speaking and writing English and if that student has studied English formally. Developing strong writing skills, especially, will require strong study skills and instruction. With your outreach and intervention, ELL students can get the support they need to be successful.

To that end, the WEJ would like to welcome submissions on a variety of related topics:

Related topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Identifying an ELL Student (online vs. face-to-face environments)
  • Conducting outreach
  • Methods for contacting students
  • ELLs learning language and culture simultaneously
  • Instructional tips for working with ELLs
  • Providing feedback on ELL writing
  • Should instructors focus on higher-order or lower-order concerns and why?
  • Innovative ways to model correct usage
  • Video/Audio feedback usage in the classroom (impact on ELLs)
  • Photography and artwork showcasing ELL student innovation
  • Ethics and the ethical treatment of minority students in educational settings

While this theme is encouraged, we also remain interested in a variety of projects on a range of topics related to the improvement of instruction in all the English language arts at all grade levels—elementary through college—and welcome the submission of projects that are of interest to literacy educators. We are also accepting book reviews, artwork, poetry, flash fiction, and other modalities at this time. View our submission guidelines by clicking here.