Precariousness: Challenges and Solidarities (Panel)

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2021
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NeMLA's 53rd CONVENTION Baltimore, MD
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Human beings, irrespective of their socio-cultural differences, exist in co-dependence with each other as well as in terms of their relationality to the state. This necessitates the formation of different institutions of care: mutual-aids, co-operative societies, care-centres, and NGOs, which are mechanisms of state-power that both define and threaten human being’s relationship to the state. Regulations imposed upon subject-citizens by the state on a daily basis in the form of ideological inflections make the human mind precarious, while the disciplinary machineries of the state expose them to ineffable stages of biological as well as social risks. Expanding upon Judith Butler’s concept of ‘precarious life’ as a segue into thinking about constantly shifting vulnerabilities, this panel seeks to address the representation and/or embodiment of precariousness in the fields of literature, media and other arts.


We invite abstracts {300 words} and a bio-note {50 words} in the English language for papers to be presented in this panel in alignment with the theme of precariousness as discussed in reference but not limited to:


Power, protection and human subjectivity

Experiences of caste, class, gender and race

Surveillance, statehood and citizenship

Disability and Precariousness

Borders and boundaries

Can the condition of Precariousness be seen as a collective human enterprise, instead of singular, individualistic modes of enduring pain and trauma? The panel seeks to explore questions of precariousness, care and solidarity in a moment of extreme crisis that the world is currently experiencing.