Panelists for invited panel on Antoine Volodine

deadline for submissions: 
August 15, 2021
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20th & 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium
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This is a call for panelists on an invited panel.

The topic of the panel is Antoine Volodine, and the theme is “the medium is the message.”

Below is a draft of the panel proposal.

The fiction of Antoine Volodine often depicts media traveling across networks and communities. Messages are destroyed after being disseminated, a la Snapchat. The low character counts of the narrats call to mind the brevity of Twitter posts. How does the literature of Volodine, across five decades (the 1980s through the 2020s), depict the rise of new media technologies? What does the treatment of media technologies in the novels of Volodine say about the current era of silos, polarizations, suspicion, censorship, and propaganda?

Interested panelists should submit a 100-word proposal. Suggestions for respondent welcome. Thank you!

Full CFP from conference organizers below.


20th & 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium
The Department of French and Italian, University of Pittsburgh
March 24 – 26, 2022
Please view the French-language version here.
Call for Submissions
Almost sixty years have passed since Marshall McLuhan coined the prescient phrase, “the medium is the message.” The current era is characterized by incessant flows of multimodal texts, images, and sounds, transmitted and consumed across an array of platforms. These new media create networks, bringing people together, but they also polarize communities by manipulating and distorting discourse. How do more traditional forms of cultural production, such as literature, art, and film, depict the rise of social media and digital technologies? How do different media (print, visual, digital, and sound) inform critical debates on race, gender, sexuality, migration, nationality, and environment?

As host of the colloquium, the Department of French and Italian at the University of Pittsburgh welcomes proposals on literatures of French expression, as well as film, graphic novels and comics, theater, music, danse, photography, and other visual arts. We also encourage submissions that consider the interdisciplinary frames of our research and teaching networks at Pitt: gender and sexuality; nation/transnation; environment; and film & media. Finally, because academic life and work have been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are organizing a hybrid conference, including formats designed to accommodate in-person and remote participation. As such, we invite proposals that rethink ways to conduct and share scholarly research, especially within the changing modalities of new media and technology. Additional plans for the hybrid conference include sessions devoted to undergraduate students; teaching and research “slam” presentations; and virtual mixers for participants with shared interests.

We encourage individual proposals and complete panels. In addition to the above-mentioned networks, the organizing committee will welcome particularly, but not exclusively, proposals that take up the following themes:

news media; state media; media and francophonie
race, racism, antiracism
class and social relations; inequality and precarity
crisis, conflict, and war; humanitarianism
neoliberalism; markets; money
migration; borders; security
materiality; archives
affect and emotion
climate change; global warming; the Anthropocene
urban and rural spaces
velocity, speed, acceleration
Proposals for individual (250 words and brief bio-bibliography) and complete panels (500 words and brief bios) can be submitted in English or French by email to this address: before September 15, 2021. N.B. If your proposal is accepted, please indicate if you intend to present in person or virtually.