Seeking Journal Articles on Queerness in Media and/or Popular Culture

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January 1, 2022
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Kylo-Patrick R. Hart
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Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the study of representations and expressions of queerness in its various forms. Its contents are international in scope and represent a wide variety of disciplines, with a particular emphasis on perspectives and approaches from the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.

As it prepares to begin its seventh year of publication, Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture continues to seek cutting-edge scholarship on noteworthy topics at the intersection of media/popular culture and queerness in gender/sexuality. Titles of recently published articles include “‘Does He Know You Like I Know You?’: Barbara Kean’s Bisexual Appeal, the Male Gothic and Gotham’s Woman Problem,” “Visibility, Violence and Queerness: Examining the Potentiality of Photographs,” and “When Girls Draw the Sword: Dansō, Cross-dressing and Gender Subversion in Japanese Shōjo Manga.”

The broad nature of queerness in relation to media and popular culture allows for a wide variety of article subject matter; the only absolute requirements are that submissions focus on both (a) cultural practices and texts that are not the exclusive province of elites and (b) queerness as a significant feature of their production, reception position, or period-specific use by self-identified queers. Beyond those absolutes, the criteria for publication as a research article include the soundness of the work's theoretical grounding and methodological execution; novelty of topic, treatment, or application; and significance of the contribution to knowledge concerning queerness in media and/or popular culture.

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