Documenting Student Learning and Assessment with ePortfolios

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October 15, 2021
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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DEADLINE EXTENSION: 15. October 2021


Please consider submitting an abstract for the following panel at the 2022 Northeast Modern Language Association Conference to be held from March 10-13, 2022, in Baltimore, MD. Abstracts are accepted from June 15 to September 30, 2021.

Panel Topic: Documenting Student Learning and Assessment with ePortfolios

Panel Chair: Isabel Meusen, PhD, Weber State University


ePortfolios have been used to document student learning in fields such as creative writing or visual arts for quite a while. The careful collection and selection of works by students, coupled with the task to reflect on their learning and growth, is often deeply embedded in these fields both as a tool for documenting student learning as well as for assessment purposes. Advocates of the ePortfolio movement argue that learners need to document what they know and reflect on this knowledge in order to develop the critical thinking skills they need to examine what they do not know yet and how to gain further knowledge.

But what do ePortfolios have to offer in the Foreign Language setting? While some articles have been published addressing examples of using ePortfolios in the Foreign Language classroom (Chui & Dias 2017; Guarnieri 2018; James, Scida & Firdyiwek 2019), there is limited research concerning questions such as:

- How can ePortfolios help our students learn a foreign language?
- Can ePortfolios be useful to help programs assess their defined learning outcomes beyond simply comparing grades or pass/fail rates? - - - Do ePortfolios contribute to language learning or is their potential in acquiring (inter-)cultural knowledge?
- How can ePortfolios be utilized to document both student learning as well as meeting the needs of a program for academic assessment and accreditation purposes?
- ...

Panelists are invited to submit abstracts that address any of these questions or present research that goes beyond best-practice examples of ePortfolio use in the classroom.


Submission Requirements

The submission deadline is September 30, 2021. All abstracts must be submitted through the NeMLA CFP web site at Search for ID #19522, "Documenting Student Learning and Assessment with ePortfolios." General guidelines for abstracts can be found at View the conference web site at Send questions regarding the panel to

Panelists will be notified of acceptance or rejection by October 15, 2021. NeMLA membership is not required to submit abstracts. However, if your abstract is accepted to a session and you agree to present at the convention, you will be required to pay for membership and convention registration.

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Isabel Meusen, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor of German
Weber State University

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