CFP: NeMLA 2022 Roundtable Session "Teaching in Times of Anti-Asian/AAPI Violence"

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September 30, 2021
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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NeMLA 2022: Baltimore, MD. March 10-13, 2022


Roundtable: Pedagogy & Professional


Anti-Asian/AAPI violence is nothing new, but the COVID experience has heightened the visibility of race-based hate against people of Asian descent in the United States. Starting with the racist rhetoric deployed by former president Trump in addressing the new coronavirus to the language of war and combat that his administration used in discussing means to control the spread set the tone for active verbal and physical violence against Asian and AAPI communities across the country, culminating in the Atlanta spa shooting and the Indianapolis FedEx shooting. In light of such violence, graduate students and faculty have reported feeling unsafe—as an Asian or AAPI identifying person or as an instructor of Asian or AAPI related material.

In line with the 2022 NeMLA theme of care, this roundtable will provide a forum for participants to discuss various methods through which we can deploy care as a strategy to create a safe space in the classroom for our students and for ourselves. We especially welcome presentations that speak to and offer strategies targeting one or more of our major concerns: teaching as an Asian/AAPI instructor, teaching in a predominantly white class, teaching in a diverse class, teaching Asian/AAPI literature/film/history, and addressing issues of racialized violence in the U.S. Additional perspectives on the topic of teaching in times of anti-Asian/AAPI violence are also welcome.


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