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March 1, 2022
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Festival Culture Research and Education

The taste of festivals forms a significant part of our life, and many festivals are associated with religion, remembrance, and prayer. Food during the religious holiday of Christmas can either make or break the holiday spirit; for example, the memory of having the best turkey, the best mince pies, and sitting around the Christmas tree warms many a heart. Carnival, another religious festival that is also a cultural event, has its own traditions regarding festival food.

Food consumed during carnival is something Caribbeans look forward to, as well as the fun and convivial atmosphere. At some carnival events, one can smell roasted corn from a distance; at others, corn soup, doubles, barbecues, and jerk chicken or pork are also on the menu.

In America, Thanksgiving dinner is a significant part of American culture; people look forward to a menu centred around a beautifully baked golden turkey. In Greece, people gather for food festivals such as the melitzana or aubergine festival, a celebration that brings together a love of food and music and is usually celebrated three days annually. Also in Greece, a sardine festival celebrating the popular fish (considered the secret to longevity) is held in towns such as Lesvos, Chania, and Preveza, and there are also wine festivals and an orange tree festival in Karavas.

This series focuses on food's role in festivals and how humans adopt and adapt ideas about food in festival culture, and the history, heritage, tradition, creativity, social and political culture that is associated with it. 

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