Getting In/Formation through Queer Feminist Temporalities

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September 16, 2021
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College Art Association
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College Art Association 

Chicago IL, February 16-19, 2022


In-Person Session:

“Getting In/Formation through Queer Feminist Temporalities”


Building upon the idea that time can violently displace and perpetuate erasure, which has been repeatedly put forth by feminist, queer, and disabled activists and scholars, this panel proposes time as a methodology to disrupt and intervene in aesthetic canons and forms of representation. Artist-scholar Jaclyn I. Pryor has argued through their concept “time slip” that temporal constructions of performance and time-based media works extend beyond mere periods of duration, especially within the specific context of traumatic experience associated with patriarchal and colonial violence. To Pryor, a time slip is a queer experience of time, where one can “move backward, lunge forward, loop, jump, stack, stop, pause, linger” in contrast to and away from “the violence of linear time and historical ‘progress.’” This discussion explores how the forms, gestures, and textures of time slips redress tensions between gender, sexual, and national identities. Concerned with how relationships to history, trauma, and medium inform practice, the panel reveals how queer feminist temporalities allow for repair and riposte while also resisting silencing and erasure. Here, this time talks back—slips, even—and we ask: how so, in what ways, and for which audiences? If temporality is the modality that allows for traumatic experience to be articulated and embodied, how does it work and how might we read it? “Getting In/Formation through Queer Feminist Temporalities” illuminates the queer feminist temporal constructions underlying contemporary experimental work by transnational artists and their address of homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, ableist, and other forms of violence.


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