CALL FOR BOOK PROPOSALS: Routledge Book Series – Academics, Politics and Society in the Post-Covid World

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December 31, 2027
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Routledge Book Series – Academics, Politics and Society in the Post-Covid World


Series Editors: Lewis Gordon, Rozena Maart, Epifania Amoo-Adare and Sayan Dey


The biomedical crisis of COVID-19 has opened up a floodgate for other kinds of crises like communal violence, racial discrimination, geographical hierarchies, socio-political hegemonies, academic exclusivities, etc. These crises are catalyzing massive geo-political shifts of the various epistemological and ontological frameworks of knowledge production across the globe. The shifts are bound to influence patterns of thinking and doing in a post-COVID era. This book series will focus on various forms of academic, social and political transformations that are expected to take place in a, post-COVID world, with respect to the various crises. The advent of COVID-19, has resulted in major shifts affecting pedagogical frameworks, curricular structures, institutional infrastructures, evaluation patterns, international policies, political ethics, communal relations, gender existence, racial connotations, mental health and physical well-being. These are transformations that will continue to take place in a post-COVID era. Keeping these shifting scenarios at the forefront, this book series will critically analyze various forms of transformation that take place in academic, social and political systems across the globe.

Possible Themes:

With respect to the questions, this book series on the post-COVID world looks forward to receive proposals for monographs on the following (not limited to) thematic dimensions:

•          Pedagogical Frameworks

•          Curricular Structures

•          Institutional Infrastructures

•          Evaluation Patterns

•          Digitization/Non-Digitization

•          Epistemological Inclusivity

•          Anti-Racism

•          International Relations and Exchanges

•          New forms of Solidarities

•          New forms of Fragmentations

•          Internal and International Policy Making

•          Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing

•          Equity and Sustainability (educational, social, environmental, etc.)

•          Social and Cognitive Justice

•          Paradigm Shifts

Important Points to be kept in Mind by the Authors:

a.      The authors are encouraged to send proposals for short as well as long monographs.

b.      The monographs should be written between 40,000 (minimum word limit) and 1,00,000 words (maximum word limit).

c.       There are no fixed deadlines (proposals to be received on a rolling basis).

d.      Kindly send the proposal form (to be sent over email to the interested authors), CV (not more than 5 pages) and a sample chapter to the following email ids: Prof. Lewis Gordon (, Prof. Rozena Maart (, Dr. Epifania Amoo-Adare ( and Dr. Sayan Dey ( All queries and proposals should be sent to all the email ids.