Call for Contributions: Design in Chaos the New Beginning: Fashion, Style, Design, Brands & Consumer Culture

deadline for submissions: 
March 1, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Intellect Books
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In the past few years, we have seen a revision of historicism with events that include racial and social reckoning, the removal of perceived racially oppressive brands, body size inclusivity, unprecedented global pandemic loss of life, multiple global shutdowns, falsely contested elections, large scale falsehoods orchestrated through social media, and a general individualization of experience. New ways of living have emerged that include the wearing of face coverings, shopping online, curb and home delivery, new styles of clothing that are worn, more engagement with computers and social media, concerns of global warming, the race into outer-space, global vaccination, and governmental control. We ask, what does a new beginning look like for consumers? How do fashion, style, design, branding, and consumer culture emerge from upheaval and remake themselves in the face of older misconceptions?


The Editors ask for papers that include the topics related to fashion, style, design, branding, and consumer culture with regards to:

• Crisis and disaster both historical and contemporary

• Post crisis changes in fashion, style, consumption, art, and lifestyle

• Inclusiveness, equality, and diversity and conversation foregrounding historic and contemporary change movements such as LGBTQIA+/BLM

• Impacts of change movements on popular, cultural, and material design

• Historic or current popular events and cultural shifts in point-of-view new mode of normal for all societies

• Intersection of fashion, interiors, lifestyles, media, art, and design

• Design-driven by cultural change both historical and current, will be the thread connecting this volume of diverse disciplinary expertise

• Post chaotic design practice to research to theory to history

• New movements and innovations (both historical and contemporary) in how we live, what we buy, what we wear, and how we consume

• Other relevant topics, the editors are open to topics that focus on the book’s overall content


Each section will examine this new conception of art, design, innovations, and changes through the concepts of popular movements in media, sexuality, the body, and changes in identity. Intellect prides itself on original thought and ideologies and the editors will ‘push the envelope’ of scholarship. This book will take on the same philosophy to be inclusive of new perspectives and methods. The book seeks to align with volumes capturing current thought on the leading edge of design thought, including change movements in design and the disciplinary redirection resulting there-in.


Interested authors should submit their manuscripts of 5000-7500 words to the editors no later than March 1, 2022.


For details on Intellect House Style or questions regarding the format of your manuscript please contact the editors Diana S. Nicholas at, Clare M. Sauro at or Joseph H. Hancock, II at