NeMLA 2022 - Living Urban Ruins in Contemporary Latin American Literature, Film, and Media

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2021
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Alexander Tough / University of Pittsburgh
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The climate crisis, the economic crisis, the refugee crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic has called to the forefront the experience of contemporary beings which forces us to re-evaluate the place of the human in the current world, calling into question the crisis of the universal mode of man and human exceptionalism. Such a displacement in how we think about the human experience also forces us to re-think the city as a whole and what it wants to forget, in particular urban ruins. Is it still beneficial to think of urban ruins as dead, as just relics of a bygone age of national development, or just as modern flops that merge with the surrounding urban fabric? Or are they alive? This session invites posthuman and postanthropocentric thinkings that flip the script on modern tales of urban ruins as dead matter in contemporary Latin American literature, film, and media.

Please submit a 250-word abstract to NeMLA's online portal ( by clicking 'Submit An Abstract'. Proposals in English, Spanish and Portuguese are welcome.