Call for Abstracts: Contemporary Women Documentary Filmmakers in Latin America and Spain

deadline for submissions: 
September 9, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
NeMLA 2022

There are multiple reasons behind the recent eruption of female directors within the documentary field, such as the fact that it is a field in which major resources or connections aren’t needed in order to succeed. However, the thriving of women documentary filmmakers may also respond to reasons of a more formal nature. As feminist film theorists have argued, driven by its lack of faith in the visual archive, the female gaze tends to push traditional image and narrative boundaries in order to open up the door to memories, experiences, and forms of cultural knowledge encoded in senses other than (and questioning of) the visual and/or auditory. Along this line, a new wave of Hispanic female directors has embarked in recent years on an exploration of the affective and cognitive potential of poetic documentary films. The result of such explorations has been a corpus of low-profile but extraordinary lyrical movies explicitly aware of the fact that cultural memory has little to do with official well-articulated narratives and everything to do instead with the inclusion of what Laura Marks calls “the gaps between these recorded images.” This NeMLA 2022 panel invites contributions interested in exploring this link between gender, documentary and experimental visualities in order to analyze how contemporary Hispanic directors are opening up a path for alternative memories by moving beyond traditional narratives; how by thinning the image, reimagining temporality, and incorporating ‘unrepresentable’ senses through haptic visuals and sounds, these new filmmakers force viewers to put on hold well-rooted values and expectations, while aiming to trigger repressed cultural memories/realities.