The Frankfurt School in the US Today: The Intellectual Heritage of War Refugees (NeMLA 2022)

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September 30, 2021
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Williams Rothvoss-Buchheimer, Heidelberg University

Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse - to name just a few intellectuals associated with the Frankfurt School who (by moving their institute from Frankfurt to Columbia University) fled Nazi Germany to the US - have all had far-reaching influence on intellectual circles during the war and post-war era.
But they are also still - and one is inclined to say even more so - significant today, as they have shaped American thought and are to this day nurturing discussions and analyses in a wide range of intellectual fields. Past and current theoreticians like Fredric Jameson or Judith Butler are greatly indebted to the heritage of thinkers like Adorno or Benjamin (who died in exil before he could reach the US).
In this panel, I would like to invite the presenters to ponder the influence of these thinkers on the US today and the importance of engaging war refugees intellectually by giving them room to express their ideas.

The deadline for abstracts is September 30th, 2021. NeMLA's 53rd Annual Convention will be held on March 10-13, 2022 in Baltimore.

Please send any questions to Williams Rothvoss-Buchheimer ( and submit abstracts (200-300 words) through the NeMLA portal: