The Promises of Care and Saudi Women’s Invisibility

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September 30, 2021
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Saudi women have always been perceived distinctly in both Arab and global communities. It’s not a secret that Saudi women have occupied the focus of international interest for a long time. Although this interest may come across as “care,” leading political global forces hide behind the promises of “caring” about women’s rights to achieve political gains. In the latter sense, this concept is manipulated and misused. The misuse of “care” has led to Saudi women’s “hypervisibility” as oppressed, powerless, inferior, and unheard while their true power is still invisible. Evidently, to communicate their unique perception of “care,” Saudi women have utilized different tools ranging from publishing traditional genres to posting on social media. Thus, to bring Saudi women’s voice to the center of power, this session aims at investigating the ways they adopt different strategies in order to navigate “care” in both local and global contexts. 


This session aims to analyze the distinct experiences and voices of Saudi women and the implications of their unique experiences upon national and global communities throughout the past several decades. 


Questions that could be considered: How do Saudi women document their voices? How does the act of writing assist the powerful and resistant existence of Saudi women? What approaches, tools, and genres do Saudi women employ to create a new image of themselves locally and globally? 


This session welcomes submissions that engage with creative writing, traditional literary work, social media, music, film, and/or art.