Call for Book Chapter Proposals: Politics and the Western

deadline for submissions: 
October 1, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Damien Picariello / University of South Carolina Sumter
contact email: 


We’re seeking chapter-length contributions to an edited volume on politics and the Western. The working title for this project is A Fistful of Politics: The Western and Political Thought. We’re anticipating that much of our collection will deal with Western films, but we’re open to—and excited about—contributions that discuss anything within the Western genre (prose fiction, films, television series, comics, poetry, video games, theater, music, etc.) in connection with politics and political thought.

We intend this project to speak to a variety of audiences: scholars across a range of disciplines, undergraduate and graduate students, Western fans, and the general reader. We’re therefore hoping for contributions that are both broadly accessible and intellectually rigorous. These contributions might use the Western (movie, novel, song, etc.) to explore politics and political thought, or they might use politics and political thought to explore the Western.

How might resources drawn from the history of political thought inform our engagements with, and conversation about, Westerns and the Western genre? In what ways might the Western provide a useful lens through which to consider enduring questions in politics and political thought? And what insights might be drawn from the Western as we consider contemporary political issues? In turning to the Western, we hope to find fresh provocations that might inform a broad range of discussions of politics and political thought.

Interested in contributing? Please send chapter title, abstract (+/- 250 words), and CV by October 1, 2021 to Damien Picariello at Questions may be directed to the same address.