SAMLA 93 - Social Networks, Social Distances NOW VIRTUAL

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2021
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South Atlantic Modern Language Association
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SAMLA 93, scheduled for November 4-6, 2021, has moved to a virtual format. As such, we are re-opening our General Call for Abstracts until September 30. For more information on submitting to our General Call, please follow this link:

Additionally, some panel organizers have extended their CFP deadlines until the 30th. To browse our current CFP list, please follow this link:

The theme for SAMLA 93 is Social Networks, Social Distances. As the experiences of the last year or two have taught us, social networks and social distances are in some respects two sides of the same coin: two opposites ("networks" and "distances") held together by "social," their common denominator. Along these lines, the tools we use to come together can be the same ones we use to keep ourselves apart. Viewed historically, if ten or fifteen years ago the mantra was "social networks," given the community modern telecommunications platforms promised to deliver or solidify, that mantra has been replaced with "social distances," on account of the health protocols we need in combatting COVID-19. Ironically, however, one of the ways we are able to maintain social distance is through the use of the modern telecommunications platforms that can also be used to divide us. Looked at from yet a different angle, we have also seen that the tools and platforms that can bring one group into closer community often do so at the expense of community with a different group. As such, in some ways, rather than being opposites per se, networks and distances can also be thought of as complementary: a network implies distance, and vice versa. SAMLA 93 invites inquiry into these and related questions and concerns, most of which are probably barely suggested by the foregoing. At stake are all the issues central to our membership: language, representation, location, technology, education, and how each (or all) of these interact with society at large.