Reimagining Asian American Immigration History in the Americas

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September 30, 2021
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Min Kyung Boo, Chloe Huh Prudente / NeMLA 2022
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Asian American immigrants’ heterogeneity in their countries of departure, race, ethnicity, and class characterizes different immigrant experiences -- ranging from “voluntary” immigration to dislocation directly caused by wars and imperialism. What is the role of literature in preserving the history of their movements? How does literature reimagine the history of these marginalized subjects? What is the significance of narrating Asian American immigration history through literary forms? What do the stories of these subjects -- immigrants, refugees, undocumented immigrants, elite cosmopolitan, and many more -- suggest the meaning of belonging in the Americas? 

In dialogue with the NeMLA 2022 theme of care, we strive to discuss how “care” depicted in Asian American and Latinx literature intersects with our understanding of others and ourselves and reveals our interdependency and vulnerabilities. The panel hopes to explore how these Asian American subjects envision care and interdependence, sometimes to form solidarity against the political state and neoliberalism.

This panel invites works that study the discourses of the Asian presence in the Americas in Asian American literature and Latinx literature to bring into the conversation the heterogeneity, hybridity, and multiplicity of Asian identity, as described by Lisa Lowe. By expanding the geographical focus to the Americas, the panel seeks to demonstrate the diversity of narratives that shape Asian (Latin) American immigrant experiences. Projects that include attention to the NeMLA 2022 theme of “Care” and interdisciplinary studies from various perspectives are also welcome.


We welcome works that shall cover topics or critical paradigms that include, but are not limited to, the following topics: 

- Intersectionality

- Race and citizenship

- Critical race studies 

- Women of color feminism 

- Transnationalism

- Transoceanic studies (transpacific, transatlantic)


Submission Requirements:

The submission deadline is September 30, 2021. Please submit abstracts of no longer than 300 words through the NeMLA CFP website at

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