The New Humanism: Directions, Interrogations, State-of-the-Art

deadline for submissions: 
December 1, 2021
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In Spatele Blocului
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In recent years, we could witness the rise of the ethical in the field of Humanities. Be it Ethics studies proper, Bio-ethics, Animal studies, Feminism, Postcolonialism or Ecocriticism, most popular trends in the Humanities have to do with the ethical, with what could be dubbed “the New Humanism”. In the fourth issue of the online journal In Spatele Blocului (Romanian)/Behind the Block (, we accept papers and art that have to do with any of these topics or other themes related to the study of the ethical and humanism. We welcome short articles, essays, poetry, prose, drama and visual art. We promote inclusiveness and diversity and, in general, all the traditional humanistic values and the ones that have emerged as a consequence of recent cultural, political or social developments. Please email your proposal to lect. Ioana Cosma ( by December 1st.