…and Reimagining, Recentering, Reconstructing a Broken System…

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November 5, 2021
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Students of English Studies Association, California State University Fresno
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Students of English Studies Association


Call for Papers

Students of English Studies Association Symposium 2021 – December 9-10, 2021


…and Reimagining   



a Broken System…


This year’s annual SESA Symposium, “…and Reimagining, Recentering, Reconstructing a Broken System…”, engages the critical discussion surrounding cultural, social, and institutional practices and systems. We are looking to question, examine, and reexamine the socio-political spheres set in place from positions of power.


Through the historical recuperation of past stories and histories, we look to explore the nature of the past few years’ events. We aren’t looking for solutions to problems, but rather a way to visualize a future reconstructed. We hope to reexamine the implications of the stories told, recentering the narratives and metanarratives that shape and inform the experiences of individuals within local and global networks of communities.


Ultimately, SESA’s “…and Reimagining, Recentering, Reconstructing a Broken System…” seeks to willfully move away from the complicit actions maintained by current systems by putting into dialogue different theories across varying realms. These systems include but are not limited to political, educational, judicial, and social, all of which impact the collective on a variety of levels. In light of the global pandemic and the social, emotional, and physical traumas associated with it, we encourage a critical eye towards both local and global affairs.


Some questions that strike us as particularly pertinent are: how has the Black Lives Matter movement shifted the public view of Black and POC experience? How does the regulation of women’s bodies affect the socio-political climate? How might LGBTQIA+ individuals benefit or be at a disadvantage from both American and International legislation? How does our treatment of refugees both locally and abroad indicate a failure of ethics? How has the private/public sphere been transformed either personally or nationally due to COVID-19 or previous pandemic level outbreaks?


Papers might address topics such as:

➢    COVID-19 and its repercussions (challenges to our healthcare system, attention to the environment, emotional and cultural effects of pandemic histories)

➢    The role of governmental power and regulations in our lives

➢    Family systems and dynamics

➢    Sociological surveys

➢    Rhetorical movements in the social, cultural, and political space

➢    Media studies

➢    Trauma, the traumatic, and trauma studies

➢    Performance studies

➢    Power and Power dynamics

➢    Social and Digital movements (#MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Environmental Activism)

➢    Identity (Gender, disability, sexuality, race)

➢    White Fragility and recognizing privilege

➢    Challenging the Canon

➢    Intersectionality: Breaking Binaries

➢    Economic Systems

➢    Citizenship and Immigration

➢    Pedagogy and Reexamination of Public and Private Education

➢    Policing Religion/ Forcing Religiosity

➢    Abolitionist frameworks

➢    Reexamining untold histories

We seek to create a diverse colloquium. If you have other paper topics, please feel free to submit an abstract.



Important Dates, Deadlines, and Information:

➢    This year’s conference will be held on Zoom, further details will be provided at a later date

➢    Abstracts Due on Friday, November 5, 2021. Please email your abstracts to sesa.fresno@gmail.com

➢    Conference dates are Thursday, December 9, 2021 and Friday, December 10, 2021

➢    Registration is free

➢    This is an event open to the public