Italy between reality and myth

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October 15, 2021
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Dear colleagues,  Please consider submitting a proposal for the following panel at the NeMLA 2022 Convention (Baltimore, MD, March 10-13):Italy between reality and myth.  

At the beginning of 2021, after a year spent in lockdown and pandemic mode, Americans were invited to a Grand Tour of Italy hosted by Stanley Tucci on a popular network channel. The series, Searching for Italy, was immediately a hit. Confined at home and unable to travel, many found themselves in front of their TV vicariously enjoying the beautiful images of Italy they had been dreaming about. The series devoted much of its time to the country’s rich restaurant culture, focused on glamour and beauty and portrayed a postcard image of Italy. It also left the viewer uninformed about the current issues the country faces, the impact of the pandemics on Italian life, the waves of social protests that the Black Lives Matter movement sparked and the activism to update an outdated citizenship law, to cite just a few.

This panel investigates the (mis)perceptions of contemporary Italy. Applying a cosmopolitan and transnational lens, the panel welcomes contributions that examine and unpack the different ways in which Italy is (mis)perceived and (mis)appropriated. How are Italy and its multiple realities recognized and negotiated? Is there interest or resistance towards the representation of a diverse and multicultural Italy? Are there decolonized and complicated gazes that allow non Italians to learn of the social, cultural and economic issues that affect contemporary Italian society?

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